Sunday, December 4, 2011

May Your Days...

Oh, my!  Evidently, my brain took a vacation this weekend.  I didn't do much more than stop at Michaels, Home Depot, and Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts.  Other than that, I've been writing holiday postcards and watching movies in a sleep-like state.  Very fitting for a rainy day like today. 

Good thing we don't dine at our dining table.

In all fairness, work has been busy for the last six weeks.  Most notably, I received a very validating e-mail from our corporate office.  In most cases, receiving an additional project would prompt a sigh but not when the e-mail lists the reasons for being chosen for said work: "You are an incredibly fast learner, detail-oriented, an amazing multi-tasker, and most of all, have such a wonderful positive attitude."  Pardon me while I toot my own horn for a moment.  Toot toot!  *jumping for joy*  I've been very happy with this job for the five months I've been here, but it's hard to gauge how others perceive me when I work with them remotely.  (Corporate is located in Las Vegas.)  Doubts, you have been assuaged!  Small e-mail, big validation for me.  Cheers to another week ahead!

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