Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Got This, Yo.

Don't tell me I'm not organized.  I'll call you a liar.  And punch you in the shin.  (Haha!  But really...)  ** That was humor.  For the record, fighting is not the answer.  And I'm more of a pacifist than you might think. **

In the spirit of my any-time-of-year resolutions, I made this beauty:

If you think that looks like a five-week schedule of yoga, Pilates and belly dancing -- ding! ding! ding!  You are correct!  This baby was created for a few reasons:
  1. I love lists and schedules.  They hold me accountable.  I still can't believe I don't have a 2012 planner yet.
  2. I'm a visual person, and I feel more productive when I can see what's ahead of me and what I've accomplished.
  3. I work 35 miles from home.  After a full day of work and approximately two hours of driving, I like to know what the rest of my day holds.  To be efficient, I need to know the best days and times to run certain errands.
  4. I'm attentive to my finances.  I have not paid more than $9 for a class at any studio which is a success in and of itself.  They are usually $17-20 each.  But just because I got really good deals (through discount sites and studio promotions/sales) does not mean that I'm not going to make the most out of those bucks!  I've found my favorite classes that will vary my work-outs and make me down-right sweaty.  Thus, getting the most out of the money spent.
  5. I wouldn't be myself without it.  My parents will vouch for me.  And so will anyone else who has worked with me.

Groupon-esque websites have been my saving grace in Houston!  All of these great studios have deals all the time.  I'll be so disappointed when I have to pay full price for a class.  Although, with this track record, that may not happen anytime soon!

Do you think I'm totally neurotic now?  Will you still be my friend?

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