Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wendy's Lookbook

UPDATE: 12/7/2011
Wendy keeps sending me signs that she's destined to be my stylish, new best friend.  ;-)  Her post "Priceless :: Education & Canvas bag" highlights City Year!  My two "city years" that I served in NYC and Los Angeles are slightly indescribable and mostly defining, and it excites me to see others learning about CY for the first time.  Wendy is stylish, but she's so much more than designer clothes and a pretty face!

* * * * *

My blog isn't a how-to blog or a lifestyle blog or a craft blog or anything fancy with a gimmick.  It's just a life blog.  However, I have fallen in love with blogs of all types and interests!  DIY projects, vegan living, crafts, hair, and funny things (e.g., Cake Wrecks, Smart Phowned, FML, etc.).

I recently discovered Wendy's Lookbook.  It is pure sophisticated style at its finest.  It captures her style tips, outfits, and videos (homemade yet high quality!).  For anyone interested in fashion, this is the daily blog for you!  While the content is focused on material things, Wendy's Thanksgiving post is about who she is. 

Knowing her past and seeing what she has created for herself puts words like hope, strength, success, and ambition into perspective.  I'm so proud to have been a CASA, but I also saw how hard the juvenile system can be.  My case child got adopted.  Wendy did not, but I think she's done a damn fine job of creating her own happiness.  Go Wendy!


Leah said...

So funny, Cara sent me her youtube scarf video just a couple of weeks ago.

Unknown said...

Would surely love to see the "craft" section added here too.