Monday, November 7, 2011

Because Sometimes Bullet Points Are Easier

  • I Skyped with one amazing Leah Press on Saturday night, and we laughed a lot.  Typical.  We have one of those friendships that include a lot of laughing at ourselves and making interesting sound effects for simple tasks -- and a little bit of "what do you want to be when you grow up" chatter.  And we spent over two hours on Skype doing just that.

  • Although I'm not a fan of Fox News, I was happy to see that my company's Facebook profile posted this article about yoga.
  • I just finished reading Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet, and I'm reading it again.  There was a lot of information, and I think I'll retain more of it with a second read. Also, I read this daily:

  • I envy Scott for being the thespian in this relationship now.  I should have known this would happen!  (Loss of Identity enters stage left) 
  • While others despise daylight savings and the darker evenings, I really appreciated that the sun was up when I had to get ready for work this morning. 

Friends, keeping in touch is hard.  I get it.  But I miss you, and I want to hear how your life is.  Please shoot me a text or e-mail or comment below with a quick update -- just three bullet points!  That will take less than a minute.  Tell me how you are... *ahem*... ANNIE LUNDBERG (soon to be WELDON).  :-)  Thank you.

And now I'm off to belly dancing!


Annie said...

HAHA!- You're awesome.

*I am doing well
*It's been a loooong week with the to-be in-laws in town- yikes
*I am headed to SF for the weekend to host Courtney's baby shower.
*Work has been extremely stressful
*Wedding plans are comin together
*I NEED to chat with you about an aspect of the wedding I would love for you to create. Warm up that beautiful voice of yours....maybe, will you?!?!

Lets chat on the phone after this hectic week/weekend comes to a close. I love you and the fact that you are belly dancing RIGHT NOW! Makes me smile.

xoxo, ACE

Micaela said...

*Yes I read your blog. And follow you on my Google Reader. I just never comment. I'm such a stalker.
*The first draft of my thesis is due December 5. No comment on the progress that I have made thus far. Ugh.
*I did not know about Kim Kardashian filing for divorce until Friday, and only from people's facebook statuses (probably yours). I don't even think I knew she had gotten married.
*I miss you :)

Anonymous said...

To our beautiful Linzee-ree.....*Like others, I'm sure, I follow your blogs and look forward to your updates. Your writings are insightful and witty --a great commentary on life. *There is more to do at work than there is time. Hooray for holidays! *We certainly miss seeing you and Scott. You shine brightly! Light the way! Love, Dad

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

* I'm so happy that I finally organized my travel material. I have to be organized if I'm planning four tours -- to D.C./Williamsburg, Italy, Boston and England!

* I can't believe how the clothes pile up for ironing. I need to get to that tonight.

* Macy's Otay Ranch hasn't scheduled me for work in almost a month. I don't know if I should be happy about that or not.

That's my three cents for today! Have a beautiful day, Linz! Muah!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...
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