Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zombie Daze

It is very fitting that today was Halloween.  I did not dress up.  I did not get any adorable trick-or-treaters at my door.  I did not watch scary movies.  But I was the perfect zombie come 5:30am. 

I wasn't nodding off at work, but I felt really loopy.  Just really laid-back and loose and not my usual "corporate Lindsay" self.  It was very similar to caffeine's occasional effect on me.  Too much caffeine, especially when I'm running on little sleep, makes me feel like I'm having some sort of "out of body experience."  It's unreal.  When I worked at The Del with Annie, there was one morning in particular that I had espresso.  What was I thinking?  I was completely out of my brain.  Annie was actually giggling to me... about me!  In my mind, I was acting normal, but her reaction said otherwise.  Speaking wasn't the problem.  I was clear as day, but I was trying very hard to focus and sit still, and it showed.  We just sat in our office laughing at the fact that I suddenly had sparks of energy, but we had to calmly and professionally walk back down to our clients.  Ace, I miss those moments of ours! 

I got wedding photos from my mummy (cue corny laugh track), so I'll post a few of those tomorrow along with details and my life lesson spawned from a slightly awkward situation.  Intrigued?  Come back tomorrow.  :-)  Bed calls.

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