Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Germany, Goatees, Culinary Magic, and a Hanger

Last Saturday, this happened:

I'm tellin' ya!  I'm a Skyping machine!  Dixie just moved to Germany, and I love that we got to talk face-to-face for a few hours despite the many miles (and a little thing called the Atlantic Ocean) between us!  Dixie, thank you for talking with me 10pm-12am (eeek!) your time.  I loved seeing you and catching up!

After Scott's closing performance of "Hot L," most of the students in the program got free tickets to a show at a prominent theatre in town.  I finally met some of his fellow MFAs, and it was nice to put faces to names.  The show that evening was slightly disappointing, but maybe I was just tired from sitting through another show just 5.5 hours before it.  I wouldn't recommend seeing back-to-back shows unless they are of Broadway caliber, and you already love both shows!  Sunday also marked the end of Scott's goatee.

Did anyone else learn the "Pay the rent / I can't pay the rent" skit as a kid?  It was the inspiration for my silly pose.

It involves using props to distinguish between the characters, but I learned it with hand gestures.  Finger for a mustache for Landlord, hand as a hair feather (enthusiastically displayed by me above) for Rentee in Distress, and hands on hips with a puffed up chest for Man Who Saves the Day (gag me).  It's incredibly sexist, but Summer and I laugh about it... a lot.  The lyrics I learned were slightly different, but it's similar to this YouTube video by GoboSpeaks and this sketch:

Again, it's completely sexist!  A woman owes a man money, she doesn't have the money, and then she is saved by another man paying her debt.  YUCK.  But the skit is still funny.  Just ask Summer.  ;-)

 In other news, I mixed three simple ingredients and made edible magic.  'Nough said.

And now for my feeling-good-all-over news!  After much anticipation from Annie, I finally received a very important package at work which contained the following:

Talk about feeling special!  I get to be one of her bridesmaids!

 Please note that the paper girl with my name is the beginning of a paper accordion which lists all the bridesmaids.  SO PRECIOUS!

And I got this beautiful hanger with her nickname for me!

I couldn't contain myself.  I am so honored, and I love the sweet life out of Annie ("Ace" to me)!  I  immediately hopped online to buy the Anthropologie dress she picked as the BM dress, but... it wasn't on the website anymore.  Internal dialogue: "Where is it?!  Why don't they have it anymore?  I have to have that dress!"  I didn't want to mess up the perfectly pretty Weldon wedding wearing the wrong dress!  (Whoa.  Say that ten times fast.)  As it turns out, Ace and her mom snatched them up in our sizes when the dress went on sale.  Smart ladies!  And hooray for sales!  This also marks my first dress from Anthropologie.  *gasp*  (I know!)  I'm so excited for Ace and Kristian!

ACE, I LOVE YOU!  And YES, I will be your bridesmaid!


Anonymous said...

Yea! What an absolutely ADORABLE way to ask someone to be a bridesmaid! I love it to bits! AND, you are correct - the "pay the rent" skit is one of my old time favorites. I think I learned it in Our Gang with CYT when I was 7 years old....Pam Cook was my teacher....that way back in the day, man!! ~Summ

Anonymous said...

Catching up on your Blog (new to me and very inspiring). Thank you!

(I always do that "must pay the rent" act. Love it!)

Susan Ritz