Friday, October 21, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather, will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”
-- Thomas Edison

At some point in life, many people go through a love/hate relationship with food.  It happens.  I’m no exception!

As a kid, I was moderately picky.  I liked oranges, but I wouldn’t drink orange juice.  I didn’t like jelly, and I wouldn’t even deal with a trace of jelly from using the same knife.  I thought all condiments were disgusting.  I was always surprising my dad with something else that I didn’t like.  (Sorry, Dad!) 

As a teen, my pickiness was interpreted as vegetarianism.

As a college student, I loved food but wouldn’t eat it.  Funny how things work out.

As an adult, I love food… and I love eating it!  And I take pictures of meals.  I’m out of control!  *Cue sinister laugh track: “Mwahahahaha!”*  But seriously, people.  My former self was a fool – a starving fool, no less! 

For two and a half years, I worked with a friend who is the epitome of fitness (rock-hard abs at 30) and healthy eating and still loved dessert… a lot!  It was so healthy for me to be with someone 40 hours a week who took care of herself and never flaunted it or punished herself with it. 

Things I have never heard Erin say:
“I feel fat today.”
“How many calories are in that?”
“That’s bad for you.”

Things Erin has said to me:
“This is SOOOOO good!  Try it!”
"Who cares? Eat it! It's not like you eat it every day."
“Do you want to split a funnel cake?”

Summer is the same way.  Healthy, balanced, and happy!  That's what I want to be!

Summer is finishing her training to be an Xtend Barre instructor in San Diego, CA!  Erin filmed a Figure 8 Fitness video with Jaana Kunitz earlier this year, and she is finishing her training to be a Bar Method instructor in San Diego, CA! 
Houston doesn't have a single barre studio, ladies.  Just sayin'.  ;-)

Scott and I have always eaten pretty well with moments of indulgence, but since moving, we have completely cleaned up and revamped our diet, and I feel amazing.  All of our food is cooked (true cooking, not frozen and out-of-the-box meals) or freshly prepared.  Every physician and nutritionist I’ve met through my job has said that most, if not all, grocery shopping should be done along the perimeter of the store, not the middle which has boxed, processed foods.  Scott and I really try to abide by that rule, and our bodies are so much happier for that.  We like to go out to dinner, but our home is where we always try to keep ourselves in check.  Our healthy food isn’t at the expense of taste, so now I have this wonderful love/love relationship with food. 

Like religion and politics, the topics of nutrition and lifestyle can fuel quite a debate, so I try not to preach too much.  I’ll spare you the details of my “food beliefs,” but I will say this: Explore real, whole foods.  They’re very delicious.  :-)  Eat the right food, and you can always have a love/love relationship with it!

And now, I present to you, some food.

 Stiry fry
Shepherd's Pie
 Tilapia, quinoa, and tofu
 Tomato masala
Eggplant with cabbage salad


Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Shop the perimeter of your grocery store -- I am picturing the Vons at Terra Nova. I can see what's in the perimeter, and I like what I see. I will remember that the next time I shop, but it will be very hard to not grab that box of Pop Tarts, or a bag of Hershey's candy, because I love indulging and it makes me happy!

Darkside213 said...

Crazy healthy. I need to live with y'all for a week, hopefully it'll grow on me

Erin Mottet said...

1. You make me smile....and I will show it to you in person THIS WEEK!
2. Recipes should be posted with the pictures. I need to try some of these!

gamgee said...

Can I come over for dinner?
Hahaha... I knew exactly who you were talking about when you first began talking about Erin.

Unknown said...

Hi! Since meeting my husband I have eaten more than ever-and have actually lost weight! It's amazing what eating the right foods can do for your body :) We go to for our nutritional support-they also have great video lectures about skin care, prenatal care, and how to feed your baby from the start to lay a foundation for life long health(ier) eating. :) Kelsey (