Friday, October 14, 2011

Dining Out

Who's been dining out lately?  THIS GIRL.

I was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday when I got home from work to a smiling husband (Yes, he got home before me!) who asked, "Do you want to walk to get sushi?"  It was nice a cool outside, and how could I possibly turn down a dinner out with him?!  We had an impromptu date night with a walk down the street to a sushi restaurant, and then we walked a little farther to Whole Foods to pick up a few things.  Oh, I felt so spoiled!

And last night I went out to dinner with a woman whose boyfriend did the UH MFA program a few years ago.  She understands how busy that program is, although she travels a lot for work, so it didn't affect her quite as much.  But still!  How nice to meet someone else in Houston who is not a) my boss, b) his wife, and c) a male.  We sat out on the patio enjoying some really good Indian food for a couple of hours.  It was another happy dinner for me!

Aaaaand Scott and I just got home from Ruggles Green!  We took a stroll down the street again to pick up dinner to bring home.  THREE DINNERS OUT... in a row!  I guess I need to snap back to reality and stop dining out so much.  ;-)

This weekend will include some studio classes and UH's production of "Our Lady of 121st Street."
Happy weekend to all!

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Anna {} said...

hahahaha...totally know what you mean about a) my boss, a male... etc.

TRUE FOR ME TOO! Sometimes I'm like...oh a female! :D

You're so great. Love these fall leaves!