Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Another Openin', Another Show!"

Scott made his MFA debut in "Hot L Baltimore" last night!

He channeled his inner grouchy, stern mean guy with a goatee.  So... basically, he was not himself at all, and he did a great job of it!  It was kind of creepy to see my wonderful husband's face with a character like that, but that's what makes it so fun!  I'm so excited to see what other roles he gets to do over the next two years.  I had never seen or read the play, and I really liked it.  There was some good talent on that stage, and I loved the set design!  It was a real treat to see him on the other side.  I've seen him in action as a director, but this marked the first time I had seen him perform.  I was in the audience, and he was on stage!  Those late night dress rehearsals are finally over, so they can finally catch a break and sleep in this morning, right?  Wrong.  So wrong.  He's at school this morning while I sit in the Toyota dealership lounge.  (Dad, you should be so proud!  I'm keeping my car maintained and safe just like you've always taught me to do!)  Scott will have time to study this afternoon at home before the 8pm show.  Whew!  My husband in the energizer bunny -- who occasionally grunts when he has to get up in the morning.  ;-)  Observing him must be like observing the work load and sleep deprivation of a City Year corps member -- right, Leah and Cory? 

Cheers to my dream boat of a husband for his MFA debut!


Leah said...

Scott is an actor too? I had no idea. Also, speaking of getting into character, any costume plans for Halloween?

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

He's a man of many talents. I think the new term is "Scott of all trades." No plans for Halloween. I haven't gone out for Halloween since NYC. (I know. Sad, right?) But I always have costumes in mind! You?