Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Friend in the Married Club!

Y'all, I am wiped out!  I got home today from an amazing wedding weekend in San Diego for one of my best friends' wedding.  It was beautiful, and SueEllen was simply stunning!  There was so much shuffle between my parents' house and a hotel room that my camera was not readily available at key moments.  However, another one of the bridesmaids was moonlighting as the weekend photographer, and she promised to share the pictures!  I had so much fun, and there is so much that I want to write.  But for now, I must sleep!  I'm wiped out, and I have to be at work at 7:30am.  That's just not fun considering I was at a wedding last night, I traveled today, and I have a 35-mile commute in the morning.  Blah!  But this weekend was totally worth!  I love you, SueEllen!  More details to come.

And happy birthday to my wonderful husband!  Please note that my parents, brother, and I sang a harmonious quartet of "Happy Birthday" before they drove me to the San Diego airport this morning.  I made sure we started on the same note.  Mom went for the alto harmony.  I covered soprano.  It was a birthday singing success.  :-)  Leah, you would have been proud.  Summ & Mike, we missed your voices.  And even better, I got to kiss the birthday boy when I got home!

And now I must sleep.


David Millstone said...

If marriage is a club then I'm a baby seal.

Leah said...

you guys need to record the birthday singing!!! (and any extra dialogue that may transpire before, during, or after the singing.)