Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Not THAT Short

Dear male Houstonians who work in customer service,

When you are assisting me, a female customer, please look at ME when answering MY questions and not my husband.  I understand that I am short, but I'm not that short.  Yes, my husband may be tall, but height has nothing to do with authority or worth.  Additionally, I would appreciate it if you would hand MY credit card to ME and not my husband.  The card says MY name, and I handed it to you.  Therefore, you should be returning the card to ME.  Lastly, if you are going to assist two people in your store, it would be polite to genuinely make eye contact with both of them as you speak.

I am aware that this e-mail is all about me.  I'm not narcissistic, but I feel obligated to enlighten you of my existence being that you neglected to acknowledge me.  I'm not sure if it is my height in comparison to my husband's or if it is that women are spoken for in Texas, but either way, it is not nice.  Please take some time to reflect on these words, as I'm sure you are envisioning me catapulting fire cannons at you, medieval style, out of left field.  Try not to take this too personally, as you're not the only male in Houston who has done this.  But still take this personally enough to be solution-oriented and make a change.

Please, and thank you.

The invisible 5'2" woman with her husband at Best Buy

Yesterday I could do without: BEING IGNORED
** This annoyance brought to you by store representatives who act like I'm not standing there.


Jasmine said...

HAHA, I love this. So glad I clicked back to read it! True dat man. Being short sucks. I just get the awkward "my-head-is-level-with-the-subway-counter" situation which involves do we talk under it, through the glass or do I go on tippy toes and you look down like I'm a child?

Best trick I've found is to be SUPER sweet and wow them with stunning beauty and a sweet voice then all they want to do is serve you. In a non-slutty, more of a just using-my-wiles-way... I'm going to end this...

Hope things have improved since!! X

Michelle said...

What a JERK!!!! He seriously handed your credit card to your husband?! I would've flipped on him. I wouldn't really call myself a feminist, but stuff like that totally turns me into one :)

Unknown said...

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Women are people too! We're no longer property of our fathers, brothers, or husbands. I've been fortunate not to experience this too much, possibly because I'm not married yet...