Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me = Good Job, Mom!

Every kid loves birthdays. It's a day all about her, and she gets presents and candy. Since my 16th birthday, I've purely loved birthdays, because I'm reminded of how great people are. The month before my 16th birthday, my high school boyfriend passed away. Obviously, it was a sad time. I wasn't allowed to go on an official date until I was 16 -- just group outings with friends until then. Four days after what would have been Matt's 17th birthday, I turned 16, and I didn't go on my first official date -- but I had never had so many people rally around me. Usually 16th birthdays are known for outrageous Sweet 16 parties with lots of fanfare, but I loved mine because I felt so embraced when I wanted to hate the world. I laughed so much that day. Every birthday since has been that memory and those feelings reincarnated! I love my family and friends!  I love birthdays, and yesterday was no exception!  Even being 1,300 miles away from most family and friends, I felt so special.  I'm surrounded by wonderful people! 

Without fail, my parents sing "Happy Birthday" to me every year.  As soon as they're both awake and into their morning, they call me and sing.  If they're feeling a little fancy, my mom sings a stellar alto harmony.  (My parents are both very good singers.)  This is how yesterday's call went:


(straight into the singing)
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday...
(laughing because they started on different notes... clashing notes)

(to DAD)
You're singing off key!

We started on different notes!  (pause, and then emphatically)  We sound great!

Happy birthday, dear Lindsay
Happy birthday to you... (voices fork into comedically high pitches)

I really wish I had recorded that!  That was too good!

Can you tell we're trained vocalists?

We were all laughing by the end.  It was pure joy at its finest!  My morning was then followed by my precious, sleep-deprived husband with carrot cake that had sparkling candles... that would relight themselves (but they weren't trick candles)... and when I finally blew them out, the room filled with smoke.  I kind of panicked.  "Oh, my gosh!  Oh, my gosh!  Help!  Honey, help me!"  We scrambled to put the candles under water.  Again, I was laughing so hard. 

The day was filled with text messages, e-mails, phone calls, gift in the mail, and Facebook messages despite the absence of a birthday listed on my profile.  Sneaky!  My boss and his wife brought these to my office:

So beautiful and delicious!  And I was both sweetly surprised and humbled by what Leah wrote to my mom:

It is one of the biggest compliments I've ever received, and I feel equally lucky to have friends like Leah.  Summer posted something very similar, and it made me smile again!  I will hold on to those words to remind me of who I want to be for myself and other people.  And as you can see, Leah's humor is partly why I love her so much.

And let's be honest, moms deserve the credit on birthdays.  I didn't bring myself into this world with 22 hours of labor and no epidural.  (Yeah, no epidural!)  THANKS, MOM!  Thank you for working so hard 27 years and 1 day ago to bring me into this world!

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Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Oh my gosh, you are so welcome, Lindsay! Muah!!