Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autumnless Pit

It's the first day of September!  It's my birthday month!  And soon I will be the age that I've been saying I am.  (I spent the first week of training in Las Vegas saying that I was 27... and then realized that I'm not yet.  Embarrassing!)  I have always loved September for many reasons:

  1. Cooler weather
  2. The start of the school year
  3. The start of CYT classes/rehearsals
  4. My birthday
  5. Gearing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve
  6. Fall fashion

And there's the catch.  I just realized that there will be no true fall fashion in Houston, because autumn does not appear.  How sad is that?!  It's bad enough that people have to fake it in San Diego, because it's never truly cold or blustery for more than two days.  And now I live somewhere even warmer.  How disappointing.  No boots?  No scarves?  No layers?  No sweater dresses?  *sigh*  I am by no means a trendy fashionista, but I do like to wear pretty, classic things.  And if had my way, I'd wear a dress every day.

Silver lining: I still get to wear dresses but of the spring and summer variety.  I'll take it.

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