Sunday, September 4, 2011

Activity Addict: For Fun or For Worth?

I am an activity addict.  It runs in my family.  It makes me feel accomplished and productive.  I insist on having lists for everything, and I've mastered my own organizational art of efficiency which happens to serve me well in my professional life too.  I use lists to run my errands and sublists for tasks and items for each errand.  I like to start my errands at the location farthest from home and work my way back.  In this way, my days are calculated.  If something else comes up, great (especially if it's something fun).  If not, I have my day planned out.

As recent experience is proving, Saturdays may very well be my most productive day of the week, and today followed suit!  I'll spare you the details, especially after my unraveling post last Saturday, but I will say that I dominated -- yes, dominated -- the kitchen today, and I felt like quite the domestic goddess.  I ended the night with scrubbing the shower and snaking the drain.  I smiled at my handsome, studying husband and said, "There's nothing a little baking soda, white vinegar, and your wife can't fix."  Indeed, I was pleased with myself.  And it was after 10:00 PM.   What?  10:00 PM?!  I had completely filled my day.  But guess what?  I had that aforementioned splendid feeling of accomplishment. 

It got me thinking about my desire to fill my days.  I'm always looking for new things to do.  In San Diego, it was being a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for a foster child and auditioning for musicals and singing gigs.  Now it's looking for dance/yoga studios, DIY projects, and piecing together my idea of "housewifery."  Do I try to do so many things for fun or for self-worth?  I am a person with many interests, but do I also feel better about myself when I'm busy?  Maybe.  Is it so bad that I want to be a contributing member of society or learn new things?  ;-)  I know I need to find a balance.  Now that I've achieved work-life balance with my new job, I'll focus on finding activity balance too.

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