Monday, September 12, 2011

An Abundance of Little (and Big) Pleasures

It's the litte things, isn't it? 
Finding a dollar bill in your pocket,
a stranger saying "have a nice day,"
cuddling with a pet,
getting your drink for free at Starbs as an apology for the wait. 

But let's be honest; sometimes, it's the big things too. 
A new laptop,
going out to dinner,
being granted a full refund for an event you couldn't attend at the last minute,
getting free "new student" passes to yoga studios. 

In any case, these things made me smile today:
  1. We got a new laptop this weekend, and I can officially Skype without having to hinder Scott's work by using his MacBook.
  2. Every morning, Scott makes me a breakfast protein shake that tastes like cake.
  3. I made a packed 2.5-week yoga/dance class schedule that I put together in order to take full advantage of a one-week free pass to The Yoga Institute and a two-week free pass to Nia Moves.  Go ahead and laugh at my lists and schedules, but they work!
  4. My company reimburses employees for half or up to $24.50 of monthly gym dues to promote healthy activities outside of work.  I proposed that dance/yoga/Pilates studio memberships should be honored as well... and the HR manager agreed!  :-)
  5. I appreciate lunch/break time blogging at work since I always pack a lunch and never leave mid-day.  (Too hot!)
  6. I saw pictures of Summer's first sprint triathlon she completed yesterday!  Get it, sister!  I'm bummed I couldn't be at the finish line, but I'm so proud of you! 
  7. I went to another free yoga event called Salutation Nation on Saturday.  It was very different from FDOY but so fun! 
  8. Autumn arrived in our home over a week ago.  The proof:

 Mom gave us that book a few years ago.  (2008?) 
P.S. I made that chalkboard.  So easy, and yet, I felt so fancy.

 Those are cinnamon-scented pine cones. YES.

The haunted house we bought from Illuminations, the most amazing candle store until it closed in April 2009.  Stupid economy.  (Please ignore the messy kitchen counters.)

Our Halloween pigs, courtesy of Erin for my birthday last year.  We love them very much!

I even put up some lights, but I forgot to take a picture of them.  In the evenings, we live by white lights and candlelight.

What made you smile today?


Erin Mottet said...

I love the piggies! And just so you know, the other day when I first read your posts I also wasted two hours looking at all the crafty blogs you listed on your page. It inspired a trip to HomeGoods (I was good and didn't buy anything...AND I didn't even step a foot into Michael's next door.)

Anna {} said...


What made me smile today was my hubby helping me on hwk that he knew nothing about :)

I think you're fantastic mrs. kudia ;)

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I love reading the blogs, Linz. Keep 'em coming!