A Christmas Ornament Tradition

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's a bittersweet day. We've been with family in San Diego for the last few days, but we have to travel back to our "home" of Memphis today. Being with my family this weekend has been wonderful, comfortable, and full of sweet nostalgia.

Baby Girl isn't due until February, but she already has a stocking hanging on the mantle. We couldn't help ourselves. I've thought a lot about my childhood Christmases and what I want to pass on to our little one. She'll leave hot cocoa and cookies for Santa, get one big present from Santa under her stocking, and have her pick of one gift under the tree to open on Christmas Eve before going to sleep -- just like I did.

But there is one tradition that I have continued since childhood and that is adding a new ornament to the tree every year. My mom started this when I was a kid, and she gave me my personalized ornament box when I officially moved out and started my grown-up life. Each ornament commemorates something from the year like a trip, a show, a new home, or a pet adoption. This tradition fills the tree with memories every year, and I hope to do the same with our daughter.

What childhood holiday traditions do you hope to pass on?

Up, Up, and Away!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Today we are San Diego-bound for a long weekend of family and (baby) showering! Mr. TBS hasn't been back since we moved away 3.5 years ago, so this is a special trip. I can't wait to squeeze everyone's neck and to kiss my sweet nephew's face. He's been practicing for my arrival:

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Happy Friday, everyone!

3 Baby Things I Love and a Request for Recommendations

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I check our Babies "R" Us registry daily, thinking I'll find something to add or remove. It's an obsession that is similar to the insanity that causes a person to check a refrigerator every five minutes with the hope that something new has appeared. And let's be honest, I just like looking at baby stuff. We haven't set up her nursery yet, but I frequently walk in her room and stare at her things. The clothes, the blankets, the gadgets. I can't wait to see her using all of it, but there are three things in particular that excite me about having a daughter.

Sophie the Giraffe. This teether is so damn cute. I fell in love with it the first time I saw a kid with one. Sophie is a gender neutral toy, in my opinion, but carrying around a little girl and her Sophie is going to be precious.

This dress from my childhood. I'm not sure if my mom or grandma made it, but I love that she'll be able to wear something I wore as a kid.

I really dislike that so much (read: almost all) "baby girl" stuff is pink. Things don't have to be pink to be cute or feminine. Some pink is good; all pink is not my taste. But how cute are these moccasin boots?! They were gifted at my surprise baby shower/going away party in Knoxville, and I die every time I see them.

Also, I'm in love with Twilight Turtle and the Crane humidifier (which we've already opened and used). In short, I'm obsessed with all of her things, both the cute and the functional.

Mommy friends, what are your baby item recommendations? 
What could you not live without, especially in those first few months?

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