Monday, March 30, 2015

Everything here feels so the same and yet completely different. I attribute this feeling to the fact that all the days run together and to the fact that I miss getting several consecutive hours of sleep every night. But this state of same-yet-different is life, isn't it? We become so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we miss all the little transitions that are happening between the lines. Even though this weekend seemed like a blur of wasted hours (forget about the errands I had planned to run), I realized last night that little transitions were happening.

Guess who has grown out of newborn diapers and clothing? Well, everyone in this house has, but most recently and most notably, Presley! At her one month check-up last week, she clocked in at one ounce shy of nine pounds (before she promptly peed all over the scale)! She gained two and a half pounds in one month, people. No wonder I can barely use the football hold on her anymore. We knew she had grown, but we had no idea it was by that much. After two diaper blow-outs this weekend, I realized that the newborn diapers were just too small now. Not only that, she looked like a giant in her onesies. The sleeves were too short, and we had to stretch the fabric every which way just to fasten the snaps. Goodbye, newborn things!

It seems my PC days have come to an end. Talk about being late to the party, eh? I had a Gateway (remember Gateway?) that lasted for six years, a Dell that lasted for five, and an Asus that lasted for four. All served their purpose and did rather well, but after countless nights of me pounding on my keyboard and ranting about the endless updates and twenty billion minutes it took to start up, my husband got online and ordered an Apple certified refurbished Macbook for me. And it's amaaazing. I felt instantly cool as I powered it on for the first time. It's so pretty. I'm afraid to touch it! I'm learning all the shortcuts and keyboard gestures and am constantly in awe at how much easier it is than my old PC. It also gets bonus points for having iMessage/texting and FaceTime on it. We do our best to keep cell phones away from the baby, so having those pop up on the Mac means I don't miss them! I can also take calls on the Mac, but that just seems weird to me, so I didn't enable that. Yet. One day soon, it probably won't seem so weird to me. We'll see.

Press has been sleeping better at night. Hallelujah! For the last few nights, she's slept for slightly longer periods (3-4 hours) a few times and even when she doesn't, I've been able to get her back to sleep much faster (30-45 minutes instead of 1-3 hours... hours!). I know that this doesn't mean that we'll never have a rough night again. Of course we will. She's a baby. At least I know that better sleep for her is within reach. If she sleeps better, so do I, and there is no better gift I could wish for right now (except more diapers... always). I got a total of six hours of sleep last night and rose like a spring chicken this morning. I was bright-eyed and kissing all over her little body and talking with that sing-song voice you only hear in Disney films. I had "today is going to be a great day" written all over me. And then 1:30 rolled around, and I napped so hard you'd think I was hit over the head with a mallet like Wile E. Coyote. We all napped. Press in the swing, me on the couch, husband in bed, and cats in the sunshine streaming through the window. So clearly, this will be our future for the next long while. Naps on the weekends! So wild. We followed the naps with an evening walk to negate any assumptions that we're becoming hermits. Anyway, sleep! Transitioning to better sleep!

I go back to the office next week, and I'm kind of stressed about building a breast milk stash. I currently have about 55 ounces in the freezer, but I'm hoping to build it up to 100 by next Monday. I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to keep up with what she consumes during the day while I'm gone. I will still nurse her when I'm available at home, but I'm gradually increasing my pumping sessions to four per day to keep my supply high and to continue to freeze milk. Wish me luck on both getting back into the groove at work and breastfeeding/pumping!

All of these little transitions seem small in the grand scheme of things, but they're big. I know I'll look back on this weekend and remember the changes that were happening, mostly that Presley has broken out of the newborn mold.

Our Favorite Baby Items in the First Month

Friday, March 27, 2015

In a way, this is our list of baby registry must-haves -- aside from diapers. These things really helped us out in the first month. Half of the list is for baby, and the other half is for mom. As Presley grows, her needs will change and other items will join the ranks, so I'll be sure to compile our other must-haves over the next few months. Without further ado, here are the goods!


  1. My Brest Friend Pillow: This was highly recommended by my sister, and with good reason. This pillow is extremely sturdy and supportive which is soooo helpful when learning how to breastfeed, especially with a newborn's limp little body. It really helps me get her into position quickly before she gets too fussy and fidgety. Another plus is that it wraps around the body and buckles. If I ever need to stand up from the chair/couch, she easily comes with me while still nursing. It's like having a third arm which is awesome.
  2. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer: "I love having a cold wipe on my bum in the middle of the night," said no one ever. Warm wipes keep her calmer during nighttime diaper changes.
  3. Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers: These make excellent burp rags! They are really absorbent and rather inexpensive. We have them in her nursery, our bedroom, and in the family room at all times. What can I say? Spit(-up) happens. <-- See what I did there? ;)
  4. Baby K'tan Baby Carrier: Babies want to be held a lot, and while that's very sweet and lovey-dovey, it makes getting things done a little difficult. If Presley is too fussy to be set down, I'll wear her in this wrap carrier. She'll usually stay in there for about an hour. We also have an Ergo, but we haven't used it yet.
  5. Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n' Swing: Why did we not have this on our baby registry?! After several nights of swinging her between my legs in her car seat like a kettle bell (I'm not kidding), we bought this swing a week ago. It has been a game-changer. It cuddles her body, has a safety harness, plays music, and has a spinning mobile. Best of all: It swings side-to-side and front-to-back. She sleeps in it at night which I know isn't viewed as the safest option, but she is at my bedside, and we make sure she is secure. My husband brings it down to the family room every morning in case we need it to soothe her. It is a full-size swing but can easily be moved around the house when the legs are collapsed.


  1. Lily Padz: I really liked the idea of reusable breast pads. If cared for properly, they last up to two months! I recommend using disposable breast pads until your milk supply is established and has evened out. When my milk came in, it was out of control. I would leak due to engorgement, and using Lily Padz at that point would have been messy and annoying. Now that my milk supply has normalized, I use Lily Padz (or nothing at all sometimes).
  2. Gilligan & O'Malley Nursing Tank Tops: I live in these. I have the same tank top in different colors, and I rotate them. They're long which gives them a slimming effect. Hooray for that! They are really good quality, and the snaps on the straps can easily be done and undone with one hand which allows me to hold Presley and prep for breastfeeding quickly. I highly recommend the Gilligan & O'Malley tank tops.
  3. Boppy Pillow: You might be surprised that this is on the "For Mom" list. What's even more surprising is why it's on my "For Mom" list! I used it as a donut cushion for the first two weeks. Childbirth puts a lot of, ummm... stress on the nether region (surprise, surprise), and on top of that, I did a drug-free delivery and  had a second degree tear and an episiotomy. (Insert Grimacing Face emoji here. Ha!) The hospital provided a donut cushion in my recovery room, and the Boppy was the replacement when I got home. Another brilliant recommendation from my sister.
  4. Motherlove Nipple Cream: It's 100% certified organic. It's safe for baby. It works.
  5. Lounge pants with pockets: Pants or shorts with pockets are a must, in my book. Now that I have a newborn that can never be left unattended, having pockets makes it easier to grab and carry things when I don't have spare hands to carry them myself. iPhone, charger, batteries, Kleenex, remote control, pen, nail polish, keys, infant socks, USB drive, washcloth, nipple cream, and eyeglasses are all things I've had to slip into my pockets so that I could hold Presley.

BabyCare Lite app: This isn't a registry item or thing to purchase. Even better... It's free! The BabyCare app helps track feedings, diaper changes, and sleep. It is very user-friendly too. I used it for the first three weeks in order to figure out our "normal." People warned me that babies go through a lot of diapers and are hungry all the time, but "a lot" and "all the time" are really vague terms. I wanted to get a feel for Presley's patterns to see if there were certain times of day or night that were busier. It was helpful as we got settled in at home and were starting parenthood.

Do you have any questions? E-mail or tweet me!

Sweet P: 1 Month Old

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I can't believe Presley turned one month old on Sunday! Although this little night owl has been keeping me up for longer periods during the night, my body has kicked into survival mode, and it's becoming my new normal. (Sigh.) We're one month in, and I guess that makes us one month closer to three months old which is likely when she'll transition into better sleeping patterns, or so I'm told. Please let it be true! Ha! That aside, can we please take a moment to just look at her? She is growing and changing so quickly! What was once an ever slumbering bitty newborn is now an alert, delightfully chubby beauty. I know that most moms insert multiple wailing emojis amongst desperate proclamations of "What happened to my little baby? Time, slow down!" but me? I love seeing her grow and emote and become more lively!

LIKES: Nursing, tummy time, sitting in the Baby K'tan wrap (for about an hour), being held by her dad, sitting up with her back against my chest, dirty-ing her diaper right after we change it, the sound of the vacuum, and her swing. Oh, the swing has been our lifesaver!

DISLIKES: Being swaddled, pacifiers, taking her probiotic drops (but we have to pinch her cheeks to keep her lips parted!), spitting up, and sleeping when it's dark outside (ha!).

Happy one month birthday, Press! You are so loved!

** Her monthly milestone stickers were a gift from my sister and are from Haute Bellies.

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